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Why Should Africa Suffer

Why Should Africa Suffer





The reason im writing this hub page came to me out of the Blue...Recently my life has changed for the worse, i lost my job so no income. Left my fiance in Sierra Leone and came back to the Uk.
Well for days and days ive been thinking how hard iv'e made my life and my fiance's life, im trying this and trying that and basically i have not given up as such, because some times you have to hit rock bottom before the tide turns in your favour.
Then earlier i go for a walk and am doing what most people do (even if they dont admit it) im have a conversation towards God (ok laugh). well im going on about how i always seem to end up suffering at my own demise.. No matter what good i do in life i end up back at the starting gate wondering why.
Well maybe Gods telling me something about me.
Be patient
Take care of you self
Be tolerant towards others.
Be less stuborne
Listen to peoples advice
Then i thought hang on michael your suffering at your own making, you know there is a way back, but the people who are worse off than you are the ones in Sierra Leone that you left behind.. So lets move on to Sierra Leone, Africa.

Sierra Leone, Africa

Sierra Leone has and will recover more after its civil war between 1991 and 2002 yet even now the people in some shape or fashion still suffer on a daily basis.
Food- The main food eaten is Rice combined with various sauces including Potato Leaves, cassava leaves, peanuts and chicken bones. The meals can also contain fish, meat and fried plantains. The Sierra Leone People have a saying "If they have'nt eaten rice today, then they have'nt eaten"
Water- Water in villages is mainly by bore holes, (untreated water no water purification), people collect the water for cooking, washing etc. In Freetown there is running water but sometimes this runs dry.
Employment- Sierra Leone is fortunate to have a wealth of mineral that has attracted companies world wide to mine and export, how much of the revenue gets plowed back into the county and for the people is probably minimal. Local people are being employed and trained by the major companies which benefits both them and the company.
So where is the suffering.... With a rising population and the shortage of employment, many people cant earn enough to feed them self or family. The rainy season brings thousands of cases of malaria and typhoid, many old and young die.
If we are sick we go to hospital and get medication usually free of charge. Well not the case in Sierra Leone hospitals and doctors charge to administer medication and thousand can not afford that..
There are charities doing work trying to improve conditions, but that is a heavy task, the population in freetown is estimated to be 6 million people. with many living in small mud built dwellings with no electricity, water or toilet facilities.
To enable people to improve there lives and there families lives, they have to be employed and earning a living, but you have to be careful not to segregate the ones earning from the ones who are not other wise you create a multi tear society, which could create more problems.




How Can It Be Changed To Improve Africa

When i was last there i sat down and did a mind map (thanks C for showing me how to do them).
Sierra Leone has its problems but it has one great resource that has not yet been tapped and that is the Atlantic Ocean... The Building of Hotels and Resorts along the coast line would improve employment rates and the country as a whole as of yet no one has built a resort solely for tourists (if any one wants to start contact me ive a great area in mind).
Ok you say what about diseases, yes yellow fever is still contactable but to enter the county you have to have a yellow fever injection.
If hotels and resorts are built they can be self contained, own generation system, water treatment plants etc. staff could be checked for any health issues prior to being employed the same as any other country.
Farming and live stock again this could be improved by any major company looking to expand and assist the country. By bringing in live stock, grain to feed the live stock, build new units to house the live stock etc. By bringing into the country farm machinery old or new this would create thousands of jobs through out the country. Again it requires someone or company to say hey thats a good idea,,,(( I read recently of a company in Brazil that wants to sell milk to Africa.. So they would import the milk.. Why not build a farm and over time save on the export fees.)).
Obviously for someone or company to do this sort of thing the local government would have to be advised and land purchased, but if it means again bringing employment and raising peoples standard of living there could be no reason for the government to oppose such a idea.
Hospitals and Doctors should be given more aid especially through the rainy season May - Nov to be able to care for the numbers of people who get maleria.
A big improvement would be to eradicate the cases of maleria, i know other countries have been successful in doing this, but the cost involved would be too high. (maybe one day)
Charities are good but are they effective i dont really know. I know they drive about in big 4*4's, they obviously help some but can not aid everyone.
So as i see it (this is my own opinion) money has to be brought in from major companies to set up a tourist basin and the establishing of a major farming network through out the country.
Any comment please add at the bottom... (this only took me half hour to right if i am wrong an any issues please tell me and i can correct)

Sierra Leone

What can I do to improve Africa

Well its been a few weeks since i wrote this hubpage and judging by the comments im getting a lot of people are interested in improving the living conditions within Africa... Well i want to start with Sierra Leone, so what should i be doing..
1. Set my self as a Consultant.
2. Approach company CEO's to help assist in improving the country.
3. Finding Entrepreneur's and investors to assist in funding.
4. Find Venture Capitalists who wish to assist in helping Africa Progress.
5. Find suitable franchise companies willing to relocate into Africa.
6. Promoting the Hubpage using Social Media Network.
7. Find like minded people to assist me, financially and spiritually.
8. Visualise the way forward.
8. Set up a wish list of things people require.
10. Set up storage and offices.
11. Raise finance in as many ways as possible
Well i need a lot of assistance, so if your capable of helping me either, financially, giving advice or anything else contact me....
Be good to get the likes of these companies coming into Sierra Leone...ONE DAY
Burger King
Pizza Hut
M & S
Top Shop
A Foundry for smelting the iron ore
Deep dry port for shipping repairs
Manufacturing plants

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