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We Are No 1 Best Seller On Amazon "The Creep"

The Road To No.1

The road to getting the " the creep " to No.1 Best Free Publication " on Amazon was no easy ride by any means, like the book itself, the journey was full of mystery and suspence. The planning and time schedule was squeezed to the last minute.

The Planner

The planner was Ron, he had the full rights to the publication, so the next step was to get people in place to ramp up advertising in there own unique field.
Now that sounds easy but it proved very tough, he had the guys in the office making up flyers to hand out when the time was ready.
He had the newspaper advertisement in place, the dates set ready for the launch on the 5th November 2012.
The radio stations where all set to send out the verbal advertisements for the creep launch.
The guys who were going to hit central london where prepared with there paint cans ready to paint outlines of bodies and signage relating to the creep.
So Ron and Co where all set but one piece of the jigsaw was missing and unaccounted for, the piece of the jigsaw was me... I was absent without leave...
Ron thought i was maybe in Sierra Leone Still or I had lost mobile as i wasnt answering phone calls or emails.
Well this is where the time towards the relaunch for the creep started getting tighter because i was where?

Where Is Mike

Well i came back from Sierra Leone at the end of sept and within a week i was found without a pulse in my accommadation and rushed under blue flashing lights to Whipps Cross Hospital London.
After being brought back to life by the Paramedics using there big electrical megger ( gives the heart a bit of a wake up call) I was found to have a severe case of maleria and rushed to intensive care. I spent 3 days in intensive care getting a few small ops to get blood in my system. I was then transfered to a general ward.
After 10 days i had no contact with the outside world, no mobile, no newspapers as i had no reading glass, no cigarettes ( from 40 a day to zero ) and no visitors, i needed to get out, luckly by 10 days the maleria count in my system had dropped enough that i could go out for 3 hours only...
1% of maleria in your body is enough to put you in hospital
5% of maleria in your body is enough to kill
Well my count on arrival was 27% technically i should have stayed dead... Thank God Im Not..
Any way i managed to get mobile and then i realised Ron wanted to talk business..

What Next Mike

Well i contacted Ron and told him where i was and that if all goes well i would leave hospital in the morning.
Well this was not to happen, i ended up leaving hospital 12 days later after having two blood transfusions that really knackered by blood up.
My red blood cell where killing them selfs off, the doctors were concerned as was i because the next step was steriods or a course of injection that could work out or not as not many doctors in the UK had used the medicine... My action was to self talk to myself every time i was in the ward or outside having a cigerette. " My body is 100% the way God made me" well with in 2 days one of the doctors asked what i had been doing different and i told him, he said keep doing that because we are seeing a change in the blood cells to normal, if this continues your home tomorrow night. one more set of blood tests, my veins where used to thes daily tests and we got the all clear and i left after nearly 3 weeks..... so go abroad take your maleria pills...

The Dead Line

Well the day after my release from hospital i payed Ron a visit and got the run down of the Relaunch of "the creep" and the date.
Well with less than a month i had a lot to do, still feeling weak it wasnt easy getting my head around it, i hadnt used my laptop for well over a month so i had a bit of thinking to do.
I had a hard copy of the Book and read that over the weekend, then sat down and did a book review on the content, having never written a book review before that was no easy task, but i managed it and published it and other information regard the creep onto my usual sites to gain peoples interest plus with luck traffic that would convert to people downloading the Creep from Amazon and gain No.1 position.
Well over the next few weeks more images, information and related content was placed on different websites from Pinterest to Stumbleupon the number of sites is too many to mention, I was placing links everywhere sometimes 24/7.
The Date of the Relaunch could not be moved so the graft had to be done and followed up even after the launch.

The Relaunch Outcome

Well on the night of the 4th of November guys were sent out to do there street advertisement in the city of London.
Me i was still placing links over the internet when i got the 1st email we had over 600 copies of the creep downloaded this was after a few hours.
I slept at 4am and got up around 9am and sent out a few new links, well about 11am i got told by Ron that we had over 5000 people download the creep and we were sitting at No3 in Amazon Free Best Publication List, well i went Great, we need No 1 position by Monday Night.
I went across to Rons office to do a bit of catch up, well the journey took me well over a hour, whilst i was there we discussed further plans concerning keeping the advertisement campaign on full throttle so we could take Number 1 position.
After about half a hour Ron decided to check how many more down loads we had managed to secure, well we had risen to over 7500 and YES we had gained No.1 Position on Amazon...
To say there was no swearing would be wrong, after all the stress and work everyone had put in this was the icing on the cake.
No.1 in just over 38 hours we had pole position, ok its for free downloadable copies but just doing what we had achieved in the time frame we had was really the best we could have asked for.
When i left the office we had over 9000 people download " The Creep "
Download Your Copy Here


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