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Reading Can Improve Your Health and Wealth

Reading Can Improve Your Health and Wealth

The Beginning

Welcome to what i would say could be a interesting hub, health and wealth go together.

I am going to look at Self Help Books and Video's i have Read, that i think can get you into a Healthy state of mind and body and thus improve your ability to gain additional wealth.

These Books and Video's are available in most book shops under the section "Self Help".

Why Do We Read Self Help Books

QUESTION....Why Do We Read Self Help Books???

I think as we grow older in life, we lose the direction of where we are going, when your young your elders tell you how, what, where, when, and why we do things, but sadly thier advice can be flawed by no fault of thier own.

In todays world, we are faced with many worries in the 21st centuary from unemployment, the lack of money, cost of living, divorce, separation, sexuality, faith, alcoholism or terrorist activity ect all these troubles can leave us having sleepless nights, feeling depressed, getting paranoid or in some cases taking of one's own life.

Its a sad fact but the attitude used to be and still is to some people, he or she just wants attention, why dont you grow up, drama queen ect

We each have a inner voice that chatters to us all day, this is a normal human condition but if these inner voices get too loud, keeping you from doing your normal work or activities, you could be on the verge of a nervous breakdown or overloading of the brain.

When we are inundated with work or domestic worries, that inner voice reacts and it can affect our self esteem, lack of confidance, becoming irritable, becoming reclusive ect

By self critism, im a loser, im a waste of space, no one likes me, no one loves me.....ect

As a Qualified NLP Practitioner (neuro-linguistic-programming) basically we are trained in the pattern of thoughts and beliefs and ways to change them to improve the clients well being. During the training process we are giving intensive guidance on how the brian (left and right) work and communicate together.

We all during the training experience had to deal with our own personnal issues which exposed us to others on our fears, beliefs and mental hold ups, this was a great lesson because what you think is the problem that stops or holds you back is usually not the case, the stopper or hold is usually something we have forced ourselves to forget and only by the intervention of my fellow NLP practitioners was i able to face the demon (stopper) and accept it and thank it. By the action of thanking it allows you to move on with life.

The stopper as i call it can be anything and usually its is something quite silly, but its held you back. I mentioned the above as a matter of fact because no matter who you are, behind closed doors we all have issues that we hide from friends,family and work collegues.

Below i will go through some good self help books and video's that i personally have read, as a mate said to me years ago "semple you should read more books" well i did and a little knowledge is dangerous but too much knowledge is the best way forward.


Brief Outline

Each and every one of these books can change your thoughts on your life and perhaps guide you to a healthier and wealthier life style.

I was going to do a review of each of the books but decided a brief one liner would surfice.

The fall back from reading so many books is the fact everyone is looking for a quick fix, unfortuanetly there isn't one.

By best advice is read the books,watch the video's and listen to the audio tapes, not once but over and over

Books,Video's and Audio Books

Ron Hollands New Book....Eureka-Enigma...just finnished this and i seriously recommend you read this, visualisation using pictures and words, reprogramming your own brain to allow the super biocomputer to start.

Tony Robbins.....Unlimited Power and Awaken The Giant Within...two excellant books to opening up your potential, tony gets all his guests at seminars to walk over hot coals after he has finnished,,,hows that for crowd control.

Sandra Taylor...Quantum Success....One of my Favourites, this stretches the mind to places i would never have realised or thought about.

Tony Buzan....How to Mind Map, Speed Reading, Maximize the Power of your Brain, The Buzan Studyskills Handbook...Probably the best teacher in this modern age, his mind mapping idea has been taken over by every one, The technic for speed reading is flawless from beginners to professional, Tony has a lot more books and audio books, too many to list these are the ones Iv'e read most..

Abraham-Hicks.....Law of Attraction, Ask and it is Given, The Power of Emotion and Money and the Law of Attraction...each one of these books is a must if you want to move to a better way of living, as it says in the Bible "Knock and the Door is Opened" only by ASKING do we really get things. Do the Affirmations that are in these books but do them with EMOTION, only by using your EMOTIONS are things answered...

TIP....TIP...TIP...If you are someone who use's PRAYER use your Emotion of want, fell it, want it dont just say "please god i need a new car, want a new girl friend ect" Say it out loud with meaning....

Wayne Dyer...Your Erroneous Zones, Power of Intention, You'll See It When You Believe i really enjoyed reading these books plus a few others of wayne's, he states things like "walking that extra mile" , "the road less travelled" basically getting out of your comfort zone and changing for your own good.

Napoleon Hill....Think and Grow this guy was a genius as far as im concerned and if you pick up any self help book, the author will usually mention this book as a inspiration.Napoleon interviewed many of the industrialist like Henry Ford. If you haven't read this i suggest you do...

Gregg Brade...The Divine Matrix...This is a must read, it covers issues of DNA, Quantum Physics, Collective Consciousness, Holograms and how we as the observer can affect our own reality.

James F Twyman...The Moses Code....Interesting book to read and has some interesting facts about the power of self...I would recommend reading it and making your own decision on what James has to say.

Rhonda Byrne...The Secret...Another one i would recommend reading and viewing the video, we dont know how much is true and false in life or how much information regarding civilization has been with held from us by the church and other institutes....So it worth using you own wisdom whilst reading the Secret.

What the Bleep Do We Know and Down The Rabbit Hole.....A video that follows the life of a deaf woman through her emotions and encounters in life, questioning the power of individual and group consciousness. Plus how little we actually know about quantum physics and other dimensions if there are any. It is a 5 DVD box set and worth looking at, it opens your mind to other possibilities in life that even top scientist are still arguing about.

The Celestine Prophecy...This Video is great, it shows how mankind is going towards a spiritual path and is based on several books. Ancient Scrolls have been unearthed in Peru and several individuals are drawn together to find the outcome of the Prophecy whilst being persecuted by the Catholic Church who want to stop them and conceal or destroy the scrolls from becoming public knowledge.

Finally on this subject books about NLP are plentiful from basic NLP to Mastering NLP. I would do a google search on John Grinder (one of my teachers and founder of NLP) and if you want to study NLP and are based in London goto the NLP academy croydon....and learn from the masters Michael Carroll and John Thompson...

Final Summary

Ok ive read and watched the above books and video's and listened to the audio tapes, has it changed me, well that would have to be a YES.

Overall by using Meditation, Visualisation and all the other technics discussed in the books ect, i dont have voices in my head banging on about failure ect.

I dont care today what people think of me as a person, what i look like, what i do, where i go, how i dress ect because "i am that i am" Im me and no one is better or worse than me.

No one can breath for me, no one can make my body functions work apart from me...

Im Special to me like your Special to yourself.

Now Go out and buy a Book and read it and learn from it.

Say the Affirmations

Do the Course work

Dont worry about being over weight, ugly (were all ugly aint we), have no money

Change your mind set.....

Use your Emotions, Love everyone, Its the only way forward..

As my Bio says on Twitter etc "mind over matter" basically if its not on my mind it doesn't matter....

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